Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The first Robokind: "Zeno"

If you watched "A.I." and/or "Blade Runner" to ask yourself if something like those androids are possible then keep a close watch for Hanson Robotics! They are coming up with Zeno which they considered to be a 'Robokind' style robot; a character robot that is able to mix vision, speech, hearing, mobility and emotional face expressions to interact with it's human friends. Hanson's objective is to be able to have an ongoing conversation with his robot boy (17 in. / 6 Lb.) character and close the gap of the 'uncanny valley' by providing eye contact, face expressions and moods.

The interesting aspect of this robot will be it's artificial intelligence that it will hold. It will rely on wireless communication with your computer and web access in order to have lengthy conversations, 'learn' and 'remember' the world around him. Although Zeno will provide basic entertainment options, you can sense that it's current unique features will have diverse implications in future robots. Currently Zeno is still not for sale, we are waiting for Henson Robotics to have it ready soon for a full review.

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