Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Home Robotics

Home robotics is hitting us all in the past 6 years in one form or the other. You will find robots that can take care of your mowing your lawn, cleaning your pool, cleaning your floors, entertaining your kids and/or your mind, guard your home and even acting as an extension of yourself. No longer just a SciFi dream but a fact of daily living. Home robotics is the next technological wave; if you missed the computer one then get ready to ride this one out or just sit and enjoy the view. Tech geeks as Bill Gates has acknowledged and embraced robotics as the next tech revolution (check out his article at Popular Science, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, etc.). There are still ways to go with current home robotics but it is surely interesting to see how it evolves and continues to improve each year. Definitely many of use find them helpful in our daily lives and others as a new technology to conquer.

So what are you thoughts on this? Do you welcome this new technological revolution?

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