Sunday, February 10, 2008

The King of Lawn Robots: LawnBott LB3500

Italians are well known worldwide for their love with design. Not much has been given credit for their engineering until Zucchetti came up with their latest Lawn Robot named "LawnBott LB3500". By far this is THE lawn robot to get! It is a robot that was designed to last 7-10 years of use with standard features that are not found on other current lawn robots. The LB3500 is able to handle 1 acre (43000 sq. ft.) of grass out of the box and up to 2 acres with additional batteries, it can detect areas were it has cut (so it can move to the next area), carries safety features (proximity sensors and lift detectors), has a theft alarm system, runs whisper quiet, uses Li-Ion batteries, has self programming system that detects how fast the grass is growing to adjust how many times it has to cut the grass, can handle 30 degree slopes and uses bluetooth technology for the owner to program the robot! It is the most advanced lawn robot to date but at a price, good things do not come out cheap but it can become a good investment for those who have the cash. At the moment you can purchase one for about US$3,000 to do justice to your lawn.

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