Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sony Aibo - A glimpse to future home robotics?

Sony had great vision for the future when they introduced the Aibo back in 1999. This was before iRobot's Roomba and many other 'serious' attempt towards domestic robotics. Though designed for entertainment it soon developed into a very much used robotics experiment. Sony stopped development and sale of Aibo in 2006 but you still see these lovable robots in many robotic challenges as the globally known RoboCup. Aibo brought many features that until just recently was not found in current home robots, some include wireless communication and programmability. Aibo still had many features that I wish were found in current domestic robots like voice activation/recognition, autonomous robotics, certain level of A.I. at which the robot can learn it's environment and better forms of navigation. There is still much room for improvement in the current fleet of domestic robots but Aibo certainly had many ahead of it's time.


Neutron said...

Aibo still leaves all domestic robots in the dust

Nikolai Tesla said...

Yes, it does but it Aibo is getting "old" and domestic robot technology is catching up fast.