Monday, February 11, 2008

True Robotics - Karcher RC3000

In my opinion robotics should provide semi or full automation with minimal human intervention. That should be the goal for all home robotic products. What good is it to have a robotic floor cleaner if the owner still has to pickup after it has cleaned the floors? Wouldn't it be wonderful just to come home and have the floors always clean? It would seem as magic since you wouldn't have to worry, in a daily basis, to empty the dirt bin, clean out the air filter and wound up hair. Currently there is a robot that can meet those expectations, the Karcher RC3000. Not cheap but it's worth each dollar/Euro (US$1200) for it's almost full automation. This robotic floor sweeper will maintain your floors clean and your only worry would be to exchange the dust bag (in the charge base) once every couple of weeks or months (depending on your home dust/dirt conditions). I am not sure as to why other home robot companies haven't pushed towards more fully automatic robots, it should be one of the basic features. Look for an upcoming review of this nice robot.

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