Monday, February 18, 2008

What is inside WhiteBox Robot?

The folks at WhiteBox Robotics have something good at their hands. Their 914 PC-Bot is the closest thing to a real R2D2 as we can get at the moment. In essence, the 914 PC-Bot is a personal computer on wheels. Not a bad idea since it leaves much open for anyone to tinker (probably a great way to get that IEEE Robotics award!) and create what ever they wish with it. We probably will not see major accomplishment with this platform for some years to come but I could just imagine the possibilities with this robot. At the cost of a nice PC rig, you can make that dream come true and probably get closer to creating a fully autonomous robot to assist you with daily home chores, information management, home security and personal assistant. Now if the engineers at WhiteBox Robotics can solve the problem of having the 914 PC-Bot climb the stairs, that would be the day!

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