Monday, February 4, 2008

WowWee's CES2008 Surprise Robot

Showcased at CES2008 this past January, WowWee presented one of their latest creation called "Rovio". This creation was a result of a partnership between Revolution Robotics (creators of "ER1:Personal Robot System") and WowWee (creators of "RoboSapien"). Rovio will start selling on Q2 / Q3 2007 for US$300. What makes this robot very interesting is that it can navigate around your home without bumping like the iRobot Roomba! It uses a "GPS like" system called Northstar which projects an infrared beam on your ceiling for the Rovio to 'see' and navigate from room to room. At the moment the only thing the Rovio can do is act as a tele-presence robot, sending video and sound via the internet as well as act like a VOIP device. Look for it at your local retail store when it comes out later this year! There is much potential for future products that use similar combination.

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