Friday, February 29, 2008

Your next robot will be most likely your car!

Automobiles have been roaming the surface of our planet over 100 years! We find it such a useful transportation machine that we have taken it to the moon and plan to bring it to Mars as well. It is not odd that robotic technologies would integrate into automobiles in order to get something like KITT (as seen on the Knight Rider TV series). We have automated many aspects of our daily lives and driving is the next natural step towards having this usefull machine fully automated. We are not talking Science Fiction but instead Science FACT. Take a look at what has been accomplished at the DARPA challenges and you will easily understand how close we are in getting a robotic car to drive us around. It took less than 20 years for the Department of Defense to release GPS technology for civilian use and my it will be much less for automobile-robotic technologies to trickle out to the public. Imagine having your very own KITT taking you for a ride around town or across the country while you browse the web, video conference with family and friends or safely take that much needed sleep.

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