Thursday, March 6, 2008

The era for the creative minds in robotics

These are the days for you to have the chance and place a mark within history of robotics. Never before has much been provided to the general public to make into reality what ever idea they have in their minds for a robotics project and/or invention. Something I give credit to iRobot is that they have extended their hand out to students, inventors, tinkerers and robotics enthusiasts with their "Create" developers kit. A basic platform has been provided since 2007 and we have seen some very interesting ideas put into practice. This kit has been geared towards the more 'seasoned' users but do not let that stop you from checking it out if you really wish to experiment with it. There are plenty of owners that are willing to help you out to start you off. For about the same price you can try a more user friendly Lego's Mindstorm NXT kit if that is more your cup of tea. Eitherway, get a kit and push your idea forward! At worse, you will gain knowledge, experience and at best you could turn out to be a successful inventor!

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