Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The first and only robotic cleaner: iRobot's Looj

Back in September 2007, at the 'Digital Life' technology event, iRobot introduced the very first and only gutter cleaning robot. Though considered a "robot" by iRobot, it is just a remote controlled gadget that has to be manually guided. Unlike the Roomba and Scooba, the Looj is totally dependent on the user in order to clean the gutters. The only thing it saves the owner is the hassle of being no the latter all the time to clean the gutters so some people may find it worth the price on that alone. I would rather see iRobot or anyone else create a gutter cleaner that is able to sense it's surroundings so it can clean by itself without human guidance. Better yet would be to build this robot in a way that it can bend at the corners to continue cleaning and have a way that it can dock back into a charging base. This way a Looj style robot can live in the gutters each season in order to keep your gutters cleaned each day, now that is what I call a good idea!


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