Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trilobite - The First True Robotic Cleaner

Back in 1996 Electrolux introduced the world's first true robotic cleaner, this is 6 years before iRobot's Roomba! Electrolux, a Swedish appliance company, worked with the geeks at Avantel to create the Trilobite. A work of art in itself, the Trilobite provides advanced navigation for a consumer robot as well as great cleaning power packaged in a relatively 'small' enclosure. Currently it is still the only home floor cleaning robot that uses ultra sound to navigate around your home in order to clean efficiently. The Trilobite v2.0 provides IR cliff sensors and a scheduler option but it remains very similar to the original design that was showcased back 12 years ago! I don't blame them for keeping the same design since I consider it beautiful. This robot is not cheap (US $1800) and it has certain flaws (unable to clean edges, sonar not effective on sharp edges, etc.) but it is a hit for those who can afford it and have high pile carpets. You may find some v1.0 used or refurbished models at Ebay for about US$300~500 or at your local Sam's Club (USA) if you were lucky! Hope to see a v3.0 soon from Electrolux at a more reasonable price range.

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