Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Will Dyson Ever Get Back To Their DC06 Robot?

It seemed that the engineers at Dyson were moving towards a robotic vacuum cleaner until news came at mid 2005 that they canceled the project. Somehow they imply that they may come back to this robotic project code named "DC06" with the following reply from a Dyson Customer Liaison:

"Dyson has developed an autonomous vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to clean efficiently and is sufficiently intelligent to take a methodical path around the room. However, given current technologies, it is impossible to achieve high pick-up performance without pushing the cost of the machine above acceptable levels. Therefore Dyson will not be releasing this model at the present time.

Producing something that bounced aimlessly off the furniture and picked up very little dust would have been easy, but James Dyson insisted the Dyson DC06 robot should not only clean properly but should also guide itself more logically than a human would."

That reply was almost 3 years ago, could James Dyson and team be back on track with their robot? Very much hope so since they may create the almost perfect vacuum robot! Knowing their attention to detail and efficiency, this robot may be the prince of robotic vacuum cleaners at the right price! Just one thing Mr. Dyson, make this guy Autonomous with minimal human intervention! We don't need another Roomba that just picks up dust/dirt much better.

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