Monday, April 28, 2008

The First and Only Floor Washing Robot

iRobot introduced a revolutionary cleaning robot back in December 2005 called the Scooba. It has been over 2 years and so far there are no direct competitors to this unique floor washing robot. The Scooba uses similar robotics to its floor cleaning cousin, the Roomba. What makes the Scooba unique is the use of liquid (water and detergent mix) in order to sweep, wash and dry up our dirty floors in one pass. Does it work? Ask the thousands of owners that use it every single day! They may not have fallen in love with it like their attitude-prone Roomba but it gets the job done without a complaint. It is fairly simple to set it up, run it and clean it afterwards. Many wish that the Scooba would be able to be scheduled and re-charge automatically, both engineering problems that can be solved with current technologies. Ideally I would also like to have the Scooba dock, charge and re-fill/dump it's tanks automatically (something like Danh Trinh's iRobot contest winning robot) after each cleaning session. Hope to see iRobot bring out something as revolutionary with their next generation Scooba, if so I will treat their engineers to a case of Diet Coke! or whatever caffeine drink they drink!

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