Friday, April 4, 2008

Metapo CleanMate 2 - Roomba's Rival?

iRobot has enjoyed an almost full dominance of the home cleaning robotics market since 2002. There have been others as Karcher and Electrolux that have tried but have failed to win the mass market edge that iRobot currently has. Slowly but surely the people at Metapo with much improved cleaning ability, on both carpet and hard floors, while maintaining their competitive price then and only then is when some interesting competition between them and are making their way into this market share with their Cleanmate series of cleaning robots. Metapo shows many signs of ingenuity and a hunger to improve their robots although they currently fall short at cleaning floors as good as a Roomba. If Metapo is able to create their next version of the Cleanmate with much improved cleaning capabilities and at competitive prices then and only then we will see them eating away at iRobot's market share. With a much needed competition, we will get better products at affordable prices and a faster pace in the evolution of home robotics.

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