Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The domestic robotics market is starting to fill up very fast for iRobot. Samsung has announced, back in late March 2008, that they will release their latest floor cleaning robot called the Hauzen VC-RE70V. Hauzen is Samsung's line of automatic home gadgets which includes this little guy that helps to keep your floors looking clean. Samsung is planning to have it ready for the Korean market within this month or the next. What makes the Hauzen VC-RE70V stand out is the ability to truely map rooms in order to clean floors more efficiently and be less like our blind Roomba friend. This unit should be able to re-charge it's batteries and come back to clean where it left off. Hope that this Samsung robot is able to clean as well as a Roomba and is as autonomous as a Karcher RC3000 without costing an arm or leg.

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