Monday, April 14, 2008

A True Robotic Butler: Mir-H

Mostitech has created one interesting robot that could act as your very own butler. The Mir-H: Ubiquitous Robot could help you with many things around your home. At about US$800 you can have 8 lb. Mir-H combine robotics, internet and mobile technologies in order to provide you with security, remote monitoring, entertainment and home networking. The robot will guard your home when you are away and it can inform you of intruders via your cell phone and internet. You can as well use the robot to check up on family members, pets and/or your property by using its sensors. Mir-H is able to recognize voice commands, talk to you, play music + videos, play games, provide real time news, weather and manage your schedule while acting as a VOIP device! As you can see, Korea is being serious of becoming the foremost authority within the domestic robotics industry.

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