Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vecna Robotics "HomeBEAR" : The Rescue Robot

The great minds at Vecna Robotics are definitely living up to their corporate mandate: " “Better Technology, Better World.” by creating the BEAR (Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot). The BEAR was designed with the main purpose of carrying humans (up to 500 Lb.) and moving them to a safe area. You can see right away the many fields of rescue that this robot can really help us out. Another area of interest within Vecna is having a semi-autonomous version of the BEAR to help out in at home with the elderly, disabled, children or act as a second hand for certain home tasks (carrying heavy items, lifting heavy furniture and appliances (you can see this guy being hired by a moving company!)). The high-mobility tracked "leg" base and the dynamic balance behavior joints will help BEAR climb many obstacles inside the home (stairs) or out in the back yard (stones, decks, etc.) since it can also stand up on it's two "legs" if needed. The BEAR is currently in the proof-of-concept development stage but soon enough we should see them helping one of us in time of need or assistance.

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