Monday, May 5, 2008

The Future of iRobot Home Robotics?

Recently iRobot stock has nose dived heavily due to a couple of issues (a 2008 profit guidance below predictions, loss of their Chief Financial Officer and share owners running for the hills on anything negative). iRobot is unique within the small family of businesses that deal with home robotics. It is the only one of it's kind and size to devote itself totally to robotics (home and military); it tries hard to listen to their customers and provide good customer service while providing new technologies for mass consumption. About a year ago, iRobot provided a glimpse to their vision and road map for future home robotics. As you can see, from the illustrations above, some are already known (Roomba, Scooba and Create), others came out later that year like the Verro pool cleaning robot and other are not even shown like the Looj (gutter cleaning robot). iRobot leaves room for a couple of new designs as you can see on both the road map and vision illustrations, one is a half humanoid robot to do work in your laundry room (probably to help with folding and sorting clothes), a second is an iRobot version of the lawnbot (to manicure your lawn), a third is R2D2 type of robot that most likely represents the iRobot ConnectR (virtual visiting robot) and the last are small CD-ROM sized cleaning robots (to work in group by using iRobot SwarmOS technology). There is still much to be realized for people to give up so soon on a promising company and technology that will benefit all of us in our homes.

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