Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The IronMan Within You - The Ultimate Domestic Robot

Much attention has recently been given to powered/robotic exoskeletons due to the success of the Hollywood movie "Iron Man". Iron Man was based on a Marvel Comics hero that used technology and a powered/robotic exoskeleton to assist him fight the enemy. In the 'real world', a primitive version of the "Iron Man" suit exists! Powered exoskeletons by Raytheon's Sarcos and Tsukuba University's HAL5 are prototypes of things to come in the very near future. These systems can become very useful for domestic use. Imagine having one of these to assist you in lifting or moving heavy furniture around the home, working on your automobile, working on your backyard and the list can go on. This could also help out in health services and people with disabilities. There is much promise and future with this form of technology for all of us to enjoy.

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