Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New iRobot Roomba Models Coming in 2008!

Per iRobot, there will be three new Roomba models coming out this year: Roomba Professional (US$499), Roomba 560 Pets (US$399) and a Roomba 530 Pets (US$349). The Professional will have a higher capacity dust bin and a 2 year warranty (instead of 1 yr.) and both Roomba Pets are just a 500 series version of the famous Roomba for Pets from the previous generation (brings 'special' brushes and themed paint job). Though nothing really to write home about they do show that iRobot still has their Domestic Robotics unit in mind. During their May 28, 2008 Investor and Analyst Day, Helen Greiner - iRobot Co-founder said the following interesting information:
"I can assure you that our Home Robot development team is looking at other applications for robots to help people around the house to achieve this vision of the iRobot home. That’s the home that takes care of itself."
So in a way it's good that no new products are coming out this year, it is a sign that iRobot engineers are coming up with new ideas to use robotics in our homes. I only hope it doesn't take long for it to come out, still waiting for a new version of the Scooba and Dirtdog!

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