Monday, June 16, 2008

RobotCAM Your Next Domestic Robot?

Microrobot, creators of the UBot (showcased at CES 2007), are coming up with very interesting domestic robots. One such robot is the RobotCAM, it looks almost like a Roomba 500 series but much sexier. Don't let the good looks deceive you, it can clean your floors AND protect your home while you are away at work or enjoying a vacation! The RobotCAM has an integrated 1.3 Mega pixel camera (on the front bumper) from which it can be used remotely via a cell phone or web to check on your home and loved ones. The robot also has the ability to detect dangerous levels of toxic gases in your home. It has an integrated LCD to provide information and is able to let you know of issues with it with a human voice instead of beep or light codes. It uses Li-ION batteries instead of the NiMH standard in order to run the 60 W / 70 db vacuum to clean your floor well. The only bad thing seems to be that it can only be found in Korea at the moment. Hope to see more of Microrobot in America as well as in Europe, their products seem to be pushing limits of domestic robotics.

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