Friday, July 4, 2008

How Far Are We For A NS-5 Domestic Robot?

I have always been interested, in one form or another, in robotics but it was not until the "I-Robot" movie web promo of the NS-5 robot that really sparkled my imagination. For the unaware, the movie promo web sight seemed as the robot was an authentic and true product! You were able to choose the model, color and even special accessories for this domestic robot. Certain technologies do exists today to make the NS-5 domestic robot a reality, the problem is not with the mechanics but with the artificial intelligence. For an NS-5 style robot to exist today it would need enough intelligence to understand and execute what the owner commands to do and be able to distinguish everyday obstacles and situations that is difficult for current robots to resolve. It could be that a base-line algorithm is all that it takes to kick start a true artificial intelligence but in the mean time it is just Sci-Fi.

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