Monday, July 14, 2008

iRobot Has Finally Created a Robot Lawnmower

On May 2007, iRobot filled patents for three designs of their very first try at a robot lawnmower and they have been recently published. Rumors have existed about iRobot creating their very own lawnmower robot for the last 2 years and iRobot has only given indirect hints of such a robot. What makes this news interesting is that iRobot knows how to mass market domestic robots like their successful Roomba but the issue will be timing. Will this robot be successful as the Roomba with the current financial problems happening in the United States and other countries? Personally I can see how iRobot can make this product be practical and useful but not many people will be wiling to pay a premium price for a new robot. Also these robots are geared towards home lawns and in the United States many are loosing their homes and jobs to have such a robot. iRobot has a potential great product but timing is totally wrong, they missed it by at least 2-3 years. My suggestion is to either shelf it for 3-5 years or make models that are as economical as their entry level Roomba.

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