Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Robots of Summer Fun : iRobot Verro

Cleaning pool robots have existed for years but iRobot has recently took swim with them. iRobot introduced the Verro to help you keep your pool clean and healthy for the family to enjoy during these hot summer days. There are three available models: Verro 100, 300 and 500 series. Each able to perform the job of pool cleaning with the following differences:

  • Verro 100: Designed to clean above ground pools, 60-90 min. cleaning time, vacuum cleaning system, 40 ft. power cable. Cost US$400
  • Verro 300: Designed to clean in-ground gunite pools, 60-90 min. cleaning time, hydro jet cleaning system, 51 ft. power cable. Cost US$700
  • Verro 500: Designed to cleaning in-ground vinyl/fiberglass/tile pools, 3 hours cleaning time, pva-brushes cleaning system, 60 ft. power cable. Cost US$1000
These robots do their job as designed at a reasonable price. What would be interesting to see is the next generation of pool cleaning robots that are self contained and fully autonomous so they can always keep your pool clean without human intervention. A Karcher RC3000 styled system but water proofed would be ideal. Next generation pool cleaning robots should be able to run on batteries, self dock charge, able to dump collected debris and able to know when to clean the pool. The technologies exists to make it happen, it is just a matter of engineering and design.

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