Saturday, August 2, 2008

Swarm Robotics for Domestic Use

Since 2002 it is becoming more common for homes to have more than one robot doing the same task. Floor cleaning robots as the Roomba are sometimes used in packs to cover large areas to clean but the problem is that they do not work together, each has it's own algorithm and sensor input to follow so inevitably they will cover the same area more than once without providing efficiency. Swarm robotics changes this problem by having robots work together in order to perform a single task, similar to how insects as ants and bees work together. James McLurkin is on the forefront of developing distributed algorithms for swarm robots. He was the lead research scientist at iRobot when swarm robotics was being created and is predicting the use of swarm robotics for use in the home, search & rescue and scientific research (space, deep sea, AI, etc.). It would be great to see iRobot merge this technology into their future domestic robots, have them all work together in order to clean your home, secure it and make sure all is working 100%.

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