Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do You Want To Become A Robotics Engineer For Free?

Stanford University can get you started for FREE if you have always wished be a Robotics Engineer. Believe it or not there are kind people (Universities) out there on this planet that want to provide something for nothing! Their School of Engineering has created the Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) that offer, for the first time in its history, some of their most popular engineering courses for free of charge to students and educators around planet Earth. You will only need a computer (PC or MAC) and web access in order to take these great courses. The courses will start on Fall 2008 and include the following:

Introduction to Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence

Linear Systems and Optimization

So do you want to contribute to the Domestic Robotics industry? Do you want to become the next Colin Angle (iRobot), Helen Greiner (iRobot) or Mark Tilden (Wow Wee) ? This is the time to get started, don't let this one slip away!

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