Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tip of the Month: Make Your Own Roomba Filters

Saving hard earned money is always a great thing and more so with how the world economy is at the moment. For this month I will give you a tip on how to create your own Roomba filter with some basic tools and economical materials that will provide you with an almost endless amount of filters for your iRobot Roomba. This tip works for Roomba 4000 and 500 series robots, so jump over to get the full details on the "Visual How To".

1- Here are the following materials you will need: Scissors, Box cutter, your worn out air filter and CD sleeve material.

2- The CD Sleeve material is almost identical if not the same used by iRobot. You can find these sold at your local office supply or electronics store. I picked black colored ones but they have white as well.

3- Use the box cutter very carefully to split the two joined plastic pieces that hold down the filter. DO NOT rip/destroy the original filter and be careful not to destroy the plastic tabs that hold the filter in place (some will break but make sure not more than 2 or 3 are broken) :

4- This is how your original filter should look after separating the two pieces successfully (take a close look that you have 11 tabs in place minus some 2 or 3 that may break off):

5- Remove the original worn out filter and use it as a cookie cutter to shape the new filters from the new material (CD/DVD ROM sleeve) :

6- Place the new cut filter onto the original filter casing; align it to be just above (some material may overlap but that is no problem):

7- Press on each tab hard with both your thumb and index finger until you hear a 'snap' sound. Repeat process until you covered all 11 tabs.

8- Finally! A brand new and ready Roomba Air Filter to be used and fight those dust mites and save you money!

Hope you find this tip helpful!

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Unknown said...

Dude, this is an awesome tutorial! I am a big DIY guy and love saving money. I had an old CD case laying around which I can now make into hundreds of replacement filters! Thanks a lot for the too!!