Monday, September 29, 2008

Participate In The Robo Development Expo 2008!

We have pointed out information on new domestic robotics, companies, technologies and even on how to get started in getting an education on robotics for FREE; but how about participating as well? On November 18-19, 2008 at Santa Clara, California - USA the Robo Development Conference & Expo 2008 will be held. It will be the first robotics industry event that will focus on design and development of domestic, service and intelligent robotic products. Here are also some very interesting tidbits that you will learn by attending this conference & expo:

  • The state of the art in design and development solutions for the production of robots and robotic technology
  • The functionality requirements and design issues that must be addressed when producing commercial robotics products
  • The latest developments and newest products among enabling robotics technology
  • What emergent technology is coming out of the lab and into the open market that could assist in the development of robotics systems
  • What is required for robots to navigate with minimal human intervention and be able to detect anomalies and deal with them effectively
  • How robots can be designed to manage limited resources, including power and computation, and use them in an efficient manner
  • The languages and operating systems, as well as hardware and software platforms, that can be utilized to optimize the design and development process, as well as deliver robust commercial products
  • How diverse, specialized robotic structures and sub functions can be integrated to optimize overall system function and achieve maximum compatibility of the parts
This Expo/Conference is a great way to get some hands on and know how in the industry of robotics no matter if you are iRobot or just Joe Blow in the garage. It is never too late to start and get into the domestic robotics technology wave.