Sunday, October 12, 2008

Being a "DIY" Robot Geek and Loving It!

Steve Norris is like many of us here, a software developer during the day and "DIY" robot geek at night. Steve mixed his passion of electronics, hardware and programming into a single one called robotics. He has created many interesting robots to help him around the house and others to experiment for future more elaborate robot projects. One of them is his "Huey" color chasing robot.

This small guy was created to just follow 3 rules: 1. Always look at what it's tracking; 2. Always move toward what it's tracking; and 3. If it gets too close to what it's moving toward, back away. Though appears to be simple instructions they do appear to give way to emergent behavior that results in complex maneuvers. "Huey"has an on board CMUcam2+ that allows it to process visual data such color changes and assist in tracking objects of specific colors. Steve will most likely incorporate this feature on future robot projects. So what "DIY" robots or hacks have you created recently? Please share them with us!

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