Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Better Domestic Floor Cleaning Robot

Back in April 2008 I posted about the new Samsung Hauzen VC-RE70V. This nice domestic floor cleaning robot was released around the same time for the South Korean market giving an interesting competition to iRobot's Roomba series robots. What sets the VC-RE70V apart is the manner on how it cleans, it does it intelligently by using room mapping techniques. By using room mapping techniques, the floor cleaning robot can do its job much more efficient compared to a statistical floor cleaning robot as the Roomba. As you can see in the video the robot has two side cleaning brushes, automatic docking to charge, polyphonic chimes and a cool candy apple paint. No word on price and availability outside of South Korea at the moment. The only thing missing, to make the VC-RE70V an ideal domestic floor cleaning robot, is for it to have an auto-cleaning system of collected dust and dirt like the Karcher RC3000.

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