Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How can You Inspire Future Robotics Engineers?

Just ask Dean Kamen! Creator of the Segway and the "Luke Arm" has founded an organization called FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) that inspires young people to get involved and learn about science and technology. FIRST has yearly technological challenges and for the 2008 season (FIRST Tech. Challenge 2008) a new robotics platform was introduced. The robotics platform, called the FTC competition kit, consists of a TETRIX metal robot structure kit,LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robotics kit, servomotors, controllers, advanced sensors and LEGO NXT, NXTG, LabView for FTC, and RobotC programming software. With these new competition kits, high school students will be able to apply mathematics, science and technology to solve annual challenges. I find this kind of events do help push the further development of domestic robotics and would like to see other inventors, entrepreneurs and technology companies get involved in similar projects like this one. Kudos to Dean Kamen for creating something like this! If you wish to join and/or learn more about FIRST go to: www.usfirst.org

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