Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Aldebaran in Motion; Will You Still Want One?

In March 2008 I wrote about Aldebaran Robotics and their interesting humanoid robot called "NAO". Back then, Bruno Maisonnier (Founder), mentioned that Nao was scheduled to go on sale on Q4 2008 and we are only a few months before 2008 ends! This robot will not be cheap but it does come with many electronics and features that will make any geek faint. Take a look for yourselves to see what NAO is capable and let me know if you are getting one!


Bjorn said...

I just wish they could launch it sooner than next year. My only concearn is that I think it is a bit wobbly. When it walks it looks almost like it is going to fall over any second. I'm not sure if they consider any further development here or are happy with its current performance. It is perhaps not a fair comparission to Sonys humanoid who I believe never reached the market. That one seemed to have a much smoother walk (if the available videos are not tampered with).

Nikolai Tesla said...

Hello bjorn,

Welcome to! The Sony QRIO (circa 2002)was a better humanoid robot but sadly it was pulled out of production. The NAO is not as graceful as the QRIO but it has much potential since it will leave the programming to the owner to create (similar to Lego Mindstorms NXT and iRobot Create platforms).

Bjorn said...

Hi Nikolai,

Thanks for your answer. I think I need to reconsider my plans to buy one. Heard the price was 4000 Euro. Yep I can afford one, but I don't believe I can sell the idea to my wife :-) and even I think its way too expensive.

Nikolai Tesla said...

Wow, 4000 Euro?! That is too much for even that bi-pedal robot. I would pay that if NAO or any other robot comes already pre-programmed with an effective A.I. to help around the house but to just experiment as robotic platform? Not for me, I would rather stay with my iRobot Create and Lego Mindstorms NXT. I agree with you, your wife would not be too happy knowing it cost that amount! :)