Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Real Life Transformer Domestic Robot

A couple of students from Louisiana State University created a versatile domestic robot called agBot. All current domestic robots currently in the market are single task robots, they either clean your floors, cut your lawn, check on your kids or serve as entertainers. The idea behind agBot is to have a domestic robot that is customizable to be used for multiple tasks. The agBot pictured is a multi-functional robot that is capable of acting as a security guard, cutting/fertilizing your lawn and even picking up your mail while running on solar/battery power. Domestic robots need to be multi-purpose and able to be upgraded with modules otherwise we will end up with a fleet of single task robots in the home like me (Scooba, Roomba, Dirt Dog, Cleanmate, i-Sobot, Rovio, etc.). iRobot, with their current modular Roomba 500 series, has set the first foot on a possible path towards multi-purpose robots but we will have to wait and see if they pursue this idea. If they do not then it will be up to people like these students from Louisiana State University to take on the task of creating multi-purpose robots.


Bjorn said...

It's great to see all these initiatives, I just wish any large coorporation would do an effort towards the commercial market again with an affordable robot. Everyone talks so much about robots but it is often universities or small companies that drive the development, not the big ones that has resources and money to do something great. Sorry for sounding depressed today :-)

Nikolai Tesla said...

Hello Bjorn, welcome back. You are correct! That is how iRobot began, students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology got together to create Roomba but recently have slowed down, almost to a halt, their initiatives to be innovative and creative. Hope to see others join this market and inject it with much needed creativity and innovation.