Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tip of The Month: Maintain Your Karcher RC3000

If you are lucky enough to own a Karcher RC3000 you should already be aware how reliable and fully autonomous these floor cleaning robots are for your home. But one thing is true, the Karcher RC3000 is a well engineered robot but it even needs its maintenance routine once in a while to have it running on top notch efficiency and for years to come. Here are some simple steps that you can do with a couple of spare minutes of your time. Usually in an "ordinary" family home with no pets and just regular home dust you will need to do these steps once every 2 ~ 3 months but your mileage may vary by different enviromental conditions as pets, construction, ventilation, etc.

1. Remove the robot from its base, power it OFF and wipe the external shell with a lightly humid cloth to remove accumulated external dust. This will help the top IR sensors to always be cleared from dust so it can see its base much better and accurately.

2. Wipe off collected dirt and grime from the wheels until clean with the same damp cloth or damp sponge. It helps the robot grip the floor and move better when these are cleaned well.

3. Open up the dust/dirt bin and remove the meshed filter carefully. Cleanse thoroughly with cold water (no need to use detergents), leave it to air dry or use a towel (be careful not to rip the nylon mesh). A clean filter will improve dust/dirt collection efficiency by a huge factor!

4. Pull out the main brush and cut away any accumulated wound up hair. Cleanse it with cold water after removing the hair and air or towel it dry. This will give better flexibility to the brushes and provide a better pathway for the dirt/dust particles to get suctioned off by the base.

5. Clean the base rubber seal with the damp cloth or sponge. This will improve the seal between the robot and the base when it collects the dirt/dust from it.

6. Remove the air filter from the base, cleanse it out with cold water, air or towel dry before re-inserting it to the base. This will improve suction from the main base to collect dust and dirt particles from the robot.

Make sure that all cleansed parts and filters are dry before re-inserting them into the robot and/or base. Repeat these steps every time you need in order to make your RC3000 work and last for years to come!

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