Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Virtual Presence Robot Fallout

2008 was the year of the virtual presence robots. We had WowWee's Rovio, Erector's Spykee and are still waiting for iRobot's ConnectR. Rovio and Spykee came out not too long ago and both were highly anticipated to revolutionize on how we would connect remotely to our homes and be present at least "virtualy" with their help. Sadly both the Rovio and Spykee came short on these high expectations by arriving with issues like poor video quality, akward setup/configurations, unstable platforms and relatively unreliable performance. We can say that these were the Beta version at best of these types of domestic robots but we surely hope that their next version would fix many of these known problems so we can enjoy their true potential. This leaves iRobot's ConnectR in a very good position, their engineers can learn from the Rovio and Spykee mistakes in order to make a much better product. 2009 could prove to be the year of iRobot's ConnectR only if they make a reliable and very usable virtual presence robot.

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