Sunday, January 4, 2009

Robotic Twins Turn 5 years Old

It has been 5 years this month that the twin robotic rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, landed successfully on the planet Mars. They were originally designed to just last 3 months but they both have proved to be worthy working robots for the past 5 years! The nice thing about this is all the research and discoveries that is being gathered from both of them but as well the benefits we will sooner or later see in the domestic robotics market. Think of it, these robots withstood harsh environments for years on end, dust storms, extreme temperatures and even malfunctioning parts but continued working. The engineering behind them and materials used can be passed down to the private sector and be used on your next floor cleaning robot in one form or the other. My congratulations to the team at JPL that are working to keep these to special robots alive and whom have designed them to bring us all this wonderful science and robotics.

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