Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tip of The Month: Lego Mindstorms NXT Storage

If you are lucky enough to own the retail Lego Mindstorms NXT kit like this one:

Then you could easily understand my initial frustration when I needed to store my parts away! The retail cardboard box was never designed by Lego to store you shinny new robotics kit so you end up having pieces fall out from the box and potentially get lost. Lego does have nice plastic storage boxes like this kit:

All nice pretty and organized to last eons for generations to come! But they cost a nice $$ or two and are not found at your local store (could this be intended by Lego?). But with a bit of imagination and a few dollars you can get you something better. While at my local all-in-one store I found the following "fishing bait box" for under US$8.00 !! They had many other models and the price ranged from US$5 - $20 but I like this one the best since everything fits perfectly with room to spare for future parts and sensors.

Visit your local "all-in-one" store and look for a similar styled storage box (better designs can be found) if you have not found a home for your Mindstorms NXT kit or got tired of looking for missing legos that came out from the retail box. Enjoy!


Pablo Forsolloza said...

Thank you for sharing your idea!
After reading your blog I purchased a similar box to store my new NXT 2.0.

Nikolai Tesla said...

Hello Pablo!

My pleasure that this tip helped you in storing the NXT 2.0! Your comment helps me spring back this blog to life.