Monday, February 16, 2009

Mind Tricks To Navigate Domestic Robots

One huge gap that currently exists in all domestic robots is the lack of intelligent navigation. At the moment all domestic robots roam around our homes worse than a blind bat without its radar-like navigation! So what we currently see are domestic robots that roam our homes for hours trying to do chores that we can do at half the time or better. Blind robots will be something of the past because a team at Ulm University, lead by Heiko Neumann and Cornelia Beck, analyzed on how the human brains respond to visual information as they move around obstacles and created a software that recreates the same thing on a robot. The robot shown in the video, built by a team led by Antonio Frisoli and Massimo Bergamasco at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, make use of the "human brain" software to move around obstacles in a similar fashion as his human creators do. So in just a short matter of time a similar and more optimized version of the software may find itself into a domestic robot that can efficiently take care of your home chores. Imagine having to just pressing CLEAN and not worry of your robot getting stuck in a corner until the batteries die out and leaving your home dirty.

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