Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not All Floor Cleaning Robots Are Created Equal

Not all domestic floor cleaning robots are created equal. Today you are able find a plethora of floor cleaning robots that range from cheap copy cats to expensive luxury models that only a few group of people are willing to afford. But do not let price, no name brand or clones stop you from buying a good floor cleaning robot. At the end you will be looking for a robot that is effective cleaning your types of floors within your home environment. Some people have only carpet, hard floors or a mix of both; they may have pets, kids, adults with long hair or a mix of all of these; they may live in cold dry or humid tropical climates. All of these factors and their permutations will only narrow your selection of floor cleaning robots to a handful.

Sometimes a few of us purchase these robots without doing much research to only find out that we paid for something that is not effective to our needs or overpaid for many integrated gizmo that we will never use. One example is the scheduling option on a floor cleaning robot that needs to be cleaned out after each cleaning session otherwise you will face the early demise of your robot due to negligence of recommended maintenance. So why the scheduling feature if an owner has to touch the robot each time? Why purchase a great and expensive floor cleaning robot that is great on carpet if you have hard floors? I think you get my idea.

As you can see from these pictures, I compare how well a 4000 series Roomba Scheduler and a MetapoCleanmate QQ-2 are able to clean a week's worth of regular household dust under my bed. Clearly the 4000 Series Roomba Scheduler is able to clean much of the accumulated dust on a single pass while the Cleanmate QQ-2 still leaves noticeable dust behind. Does this example conclude that the Metapo Cleanmate QQ-2 is not a good floor cleaning robot? Not necessary, it depends on factors like your budget, pets, kids, long haired humans, type of floors, etc. The Cleanmate QQ-2 is able to clean off accumulated dust from your hard floors, it will take longer than a Roomba but it can do so while disinfecting it with an integrated UV light! Can the Cleanmate QQ-2 do carpets? Pickup cereal, bread crumbs, larger dirt particles? Not even close! But the Cleanmate QQ-2 will suit anyone that only has household dust to pickup, has hard floors, no kids or pets and is a fairly clean home. So when you shop for your first floor cleaning robot do your research, ask others or even ask me so you can make an informed purchase while saving some of your hard earned cash.

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