Saturday, April 11, 2009

Insect Inspired Robots for Your Home?

Zenta is a robot enthusiast from Norway that is crazy about multi leg robots. He has created various versions of them, some look like spiders but lately he made one called "A-Pod" that caught my attention. A-Pod was inspired by the physiology of Ants but how Zenta interpreted it using robotics is very inspiring. Currently the A-Pod is a manual/remote controlled robot (a DIY 2.4 GHz transmitter), which limits its full potential, but some sort of basic A.I. can be introduced to this robot in a future version.

This robot is not small (as you can see in the picture with the large can), it has a very large and flexible head with 3DoF (degrees of freedom), a total of 25 servos, large jaws so it can hold and carry a beverage bottle or can (or your naughty cat and dog!), a 'natural' looking thorax to hold the legs plus battery and a 2 DoF abdomen to hold all the electronics.

Per Zenta, there is still work to do with the leg mechanics for movement but you can enjoy and be inspired by just looking at how his A-Pod is able to move with relative smoothness and grace! I can envision a smaller scale weather proof version of the A-Pod that will have a specific integrated A.I. that will provide perimeter security around or inside your home. My congratulations to Zenta for sharing his A-Pod robot with all of us.

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