Monday, April 20, 2009

Learning is In The Details of Artificial Interlligence

Every day I find something new that just makes me think that we are a couple of steps away from having machines "learn" as we do. Humans learn by acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, preferences or understanding, and may involve synthesizing different types of information. Robots are close to doing the same thing! The group at "Laboratoire d'Algorithmes et Systemes d'Apprentissage (LASA)" from Switzerland are running a research project called "Incremental Learning of Gestures By Imitation In A Humanoid Robot" that demonstrates on how a robot can visually and physically learn by gestures (check out the video). This is just one of a mass collection of other artificial intelligence research projects that they are working (Theodore Kaczynski is probably having a very bad nightmare as I type this). Can you see how something like this can be useful in your plain old domestic robot? Provide your typical "roomba-like" robotic floor cleaner with a couple of dry cleaning runs and with time it will know your home without hitting furniture like a blind bat. The Future is Now! Enjoy.

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