Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Dog is Big Dog's Little Brother

Have you heard about Little Dog? He is a side project from his big brother called "Big Dog" at Boston Dynamics. This "little" guy is a quadruped robot created to learn locomotion from this style of robot on different terrains. The guys/gals at Boston Dynamics learn and/or probe fundamental relationships among motor learning, dynamic control, perception of the environment, and rough terrain! Is that all? No way Jose! They also learn on how Little Dog's sensors measure joint angles, motor currents, body orientation and foot/ground contact. All of this runs on an integrated PC-Level computer with multiple sensors and motors with power provided by a cool Lithium-Polymer battery that give it a nice 30 minutes of activity. Do you still want to have your pooch watch your house? The future is now! Enjoy the video.

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