Monday, April 27, 2009

Tip of The Month: Know Your Roomba's Birth Date

If you are a brand new and proud owner of an iRobot Roomba you may want to know the manufacture date (a.k.a. "Born Date") of your lovely Roomba for the following reasons:

- Warranty Claims
- Firmware Version
- Hardware Version
- Troubleshooting
- Know When To Celebrate Your Robot's B-Day!

On 400 "Discovery" Series Roomba you will find the serial number below your Robot's battery as shown here:

On 500 Series Roomba you will find the serial number above your Robot's dirt bin as shown here:

and here is how you can tell the date:

This tip will work on iRobot's Scooba and Dirt Dog as well. The nice thing is that you can tell if a Roomba or Scooba includes reported updates and/or new SCI code by reading the date code on the serial number sticker found on the outside of the retail box at your local store. This way you will know that you are buying the latest iRobot Robot that is available and not one that has been sitting in a warehouse for months on end!

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