Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tip of The Month: Un-clogging Your Roomba 500 Series

This month's tip will help out if you are an owner of a Roomba 500 series robot that suffers from a clogged dust intake (as shown in the picture). This phenomena occurs were fine home dust, certain amount of humidity and hard floors or low pile carpet exists. The very narrow and short space between the two dust intake squeegees make it very easy to clog fine dust with just a small amount of it existing on your home floors. This issue also contributes to the "Roombarf" problem that some owners report.

With this problem your Roomba 500 series will be unable to pick up the fine dust left after the main brush and beater bar picks up the larger dirt and dust particles; this is something not appreciated when you suffer from allergies and/or want your floor clean. Something else to consider is that the vac motor will be working harder under these conditions which in turn will heat it up, shorten its life and consume more battery power without giving you the benefit of picking up the fine house dust. I have contacted iRobot about this issue and provided the gathered evidence to just find out that nothing is being done to fix it. In my frustration of working with iRobot I have found a work around; by removing the bottom squeegee from the dirt/dust bin takes care of this problem. Try it out and see the difference; see how much dust is trapped by the air filter and how cleaner your floors get.

STEP 1: Remove dust/dirt bin from your Roomba 500 series robot.

STEP 2: Open the air filter compartment.

STEP 3: Turn over the dirt/dust bin and slide out the bottom dust intake squeegee (highlighted in green). Do NOT throw away the bottom dust intake squeegee.

STEP 4: Close the air filter compartment and re-insert the dirt/dust bin into your Roomba 500 series robot. Run it for a cleaning session and check out the difference.

NOTE: The suction power will be reduced by a fraction but the vac motor is strong enough to pick up the fine dust. The benefits of this mod out weigh the cons if not you can easily slide the bottom dust intake squeegee back into place.

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