Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pleo - The Comeback Kid Robot

There are a few of us out there that have a special spot in our hearts for Pleo. The Pleo is special, it sparks a sign of an "intelligent" robotic life that we have not been seen since the days of the Sony Aibo. Not too long ago Ugobe (creators of Pleo) failed as a company and the days of this beloved robot was ready to be set on the pages of domestic robot history until just a few months ago (March 2009) a company from China purchased Ugobe's intellectual property. Jetta Company Limited (not the VW automobile) has plans to re-launch Pleo to the world and most likely make it affordable to own one. Jetta is a very well known manufacturer of domestic robots and parts (iRobot Roomba and Pleo) with a 32 year experience in the field. We can all be assured that Pleo will be cared for by the very same "caretakers" that put him together since day one. Be on the lookout for Pleo to come back and most likely other domestic robots from Jetta within a year or so.

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