Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tip of The Month: Open Roomba Discovery

Almost had this monthly tip pass by without being posted for the month of June! Do you own a Roomba? How about a Discovery series Roomba? Yes, the nice looking robot staring at you right now! This guy has been in millions of homes for some odd years now and you have put it to great floor cleaning use but have you ever looked inside it? There are plenty of reasons to justify "open heart surgery" for your faithful robot assistant besides feeding your nerd-like curiosity. Let me list a few:

  • A well earned deep cleaning (after many years of hard work)
  • Replacement of faulty speaker (have wondered why it never spoke to you again?)
  • Get better access to the drive wheel tachometer assembly (That is why the Roomba does the Mambo!)
  • Replacement of the main brush motor (Where did my left red sock go?)
  • Hacking fun with your Roomba electronics and sensors (Can your Roomba water your plants?)

There are almost endless reasons to get access to your nice little robot and my good friend Gordon Plews, a very experienced and technical contributor in the Roomba web universe, has a very detailed step-by-step instructions (with pictures for those who like that stuff) at his Roomba technical website:

Gordon's Instructions: Opening A Roomba Discovery (make sure you click at this link)

Don't blame me for the geek fun you will encounter! Enjoy.

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