Friday, July 31, 2009

Tip of The Month: Free Storage For Scooba

If you own an iRobot Scooba you know the headache of storing this guy after he completes a cleaning session. The problem with Scooba is that it works with water and water brings mildew when left unchecked.

You can not leave the Scooba sitting on the floor since with time the foam wheels will flatten out and it takes time for them to get back to its normal form. Sitting on the floor without drying also brings up the mildew problem so what can you do to solve this problem? iRobot sells a stand for US $15.00 to take care of these issues but why pay if you can take care of it for free!

If you own a 400 series Roomba you most likely still have standard wall mount gathering dust on the wall or inside the original box. I do not know why iRobot engineers thought of this contraption since most of the time the Roomba is either cleaning your floors or charging. The great thing is that the Scooba tank (any current model: 300 or 5000 series) or the complete Scooba can be stored on it! The tank can be setup with both flaps open so it can vent out any trapped humidity as you see on the picture. Later you can store the complete Scooba (as pictured here) so the wheels can maintain their form and the underbelly can dry out well. Enjoy your new Scooba storage!

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