Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The BEAR Caring For Us In The Field

Over a year ago I posted about the HomeBEAR from the robot geek friends at VECNA Robotics. The HomeBEAR is the Domestic robot version of the BEAR. The BEAR is a versatile semi-humanoid robot that was originally designed to extract and/or assist soldiers in the battlefield. Currently the BEAR is just a remote controlled machine with no artificial intelligence but still can provide a huge help in very dangerous situations or environments where it is most needed. The BEAR provides much more degrees of freedom and strength compared to other equivalent hazard robots that exist in the market. In the video you will be able to witness the abilities and strength of this very interesting robot. The BEAR could easily be retrofitted to assist in many non-military tasks (search and rescue, construction, hospital assistance, exploration, etc.) and could possibly have A.I. added for research and exploration tasks. I would be pleased to see more from VECNA and how the BEAR will be used in the field in the near future. Enjoy the video.

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