Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Domestic Robot That Could

Toyota recently introduced the brother of the 'trumpet playing robot' that could probably out run some of us. At the moment this humanoid domestic robot can out run Honda's Asimo (could you imagine humanoid robot races instead of gas burning cars?). Within the provided video you can witness that this robot can stay standing on its two feet after being pushed like its pet friend "Big Dog". These "features" could be considered as progress and a step closer to a true autonomous humanoid robot like the NS-5 but what is it with these engineers?! Why not put all these "tricks" into a single robot and go from there? Continue making progress with projects like this one, Asimo, ReemB and others, add all these and future "tricks", let them be autonomous so they can provide us with true assistance. Stop making the trumpet playing robot, the running robot, the robot that reads, the robot that catches a ball, the robot the helps you sit on the toilet, the robot that.... you get the idea. The funny thing is that this same guy (or one of his cousins at Toyota) shows up at the end of the SciFi series Battlestar Galactica like a sign of things to come. Would you still want one? As Depeche Mode used to say "enjoy the silence".

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