Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Robot In Your Head

In a previous article I asked the question “What is a Robot?” I explained that it is a hard question to answer. Hollywood and the media has tainted the image; everything we remember about robots came from SciFi movies or TV shows. Here are a couple of examples. The robot in "Lost in Space”, who constantly warned of danger to Will Robinson. Rosey the domestic robot in the “Jetsons”. My favorite is the toaster on “Red Dwarf” who constantly ask would you like some toast, and no matter how many times you tell it no, it then engages you in idle conversation, only to ask you once more if you would like some toast. Once you are exasperated by the experience the toaster replies that after all he is a toaster, and it’s his purpose to make toast. Last but not least are the “Star Wars" droids R2D2 and C3PO.

Now we come to what the market is giving us as robots. Wowwee has a few models that are fun, and probably not much use as a functional robot, however more than a toy. iRobot has some domestic models to clean your floors, pool and gutters. In the past there has been the Heath kit Hero, the Androbot Topo with BOB. Yet all of these products fail to be equivalent to what Hollywood has portrayed. If we expect a robot to be like C3PO, then what we are really looking for is an electronic companion like the one Nikolai Tesla covered about the Canadian programmer built. So the answer to our question is that robots are what you want them to be! Stay tuned to this site because Nikolai is constantly looking at interesting developments in this field and he will give you the information to make, buy and maintain your dream bot.

Post Inspired by Bill R.

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